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Eye Phone Recall | 18"x18" | Oil on Canvas

Eye Phone Recall memories

Do you ever have those moments when you remember a toy you had as a child?

Then the thought takes you down memory lane and you start to wish you had some of those pieces of your childhood to remind you when life was a little less crazy. I have those moments and sometimes I find myself searching on eBay to see if that toy still exists and if it was just as I remembered. It’s exciting to see something fun from your past and know you didn’t just imagine it!

I’ve noticed over time that my memory isn’t always as accurate as I thought it was. I’ll have conversations with people and just a few days later the details and information seem to get a little foggy, and sometimes completely non-existent! It’s also interesting to have conversations with my sisters as we recall some of our experiences growing up. The memories of the same event are never told the same. There are even some events I don’t even remember but were very impactful to one of them.

It’s strange how our brain works and how we choose to hold on to certain moments in our life. I know I’ve been too quick to hold on to memories that I should let go of. As of late, I’m choosing to replay the highlights rather than the bloopers! It’s pretty amazing how much happier I am when I decide to focus on the positive and think about things that make me smile. It doesn’t mean that the difficult parts of life didn’t happen, those moments are part of me, but I don’t have to let them define me or be part of my present or future!

Part of the reason I’m excited about this new series on childhood nostalgia is that I love being able to recreate some of those childhood memories for people. Maybe it will bring a smile to someone who needs it or just allows someone to reminisce and escape the chaos even if just for a moment. 

What were some of your favorite childhood toys that brings a happy memory? I’d love to hear your favorite stories!