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Puppy Love | 24"x18" | Oil on Canvas

Tara’s Puppy Love Story

Butterflies in your stomach, stars in your eyes, hanging the moon… and of course, puppy love. Why do we come up with so many different ways to describe love? I remember my first “love”. I was in elementary school and I just knew I was meant to be with a certain boy that had caught my eye! I already had the fairytale wedding planned out in my mind! All I had to do was find a way to get him to notice me!

Every night before school, I would pick out the perfect outfit to wear, I would anticipate seeing him on the playground and in class, and I would find reasons to try and talk to him. It seemed like a solid plan to make sure the boy of my dreams noticed me and would eventually marry me! Thankfully, my plan did not work! He had many interests as a young boy but unfortunately, I was not one of them! Not really a good start to a relationship! I’m not sure where he is today or what his life is like, but now that I’m older and wiser, I can look back and see that we would not have been a good match! 

It’s funny how we can feel love for something that doesn’t even love us back! I guess that can be good and bad, but I’d rather focus on the good. Unconditional love. The definition is “affection without any limitations or conditions, unchanging.” Although dogs are often considered to be examples of animals displaying unconditional love, what does it look like in humans?