Tara Gamel

There is a voice inside us all that wants to be heard, but it takes being honest about who you are, to be able to speak it clearly. I am a middle child, so of course trying to stand out and be heard has always been a part of what drives me. I grew up in a house of women which included my mom and 2 sisters. We had to learn to be strong and independent. I loved having that strength as I became an adult. As a child, it had it’s disadvantages, but l learned how to cope by bringing humor into every situation I could.

I paint from the voice inside that needs to be heard. I don’t ever plan out my paintings from start to finish. I like to leave room to discover something new. I love how the journey leads to inspirational moments that I would have never expected. I try to convey ideas and a feelings through images instead of words. I love those moments when people connect with my work and say “ah, I get it!” It’s a good feeling to know people get you and you’re not alone in how you think!

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